Carpet Tiles are part of the interface, Inc., a global, publicly-traded company founded in 1973 by entrepreneur Ray Anderson. Back then, most U.S. officials used broadloom, wall-to-wall carpeting. But evolving workplace dynamics like organizational change and technology made it clear to Anderson that broadloom was an inefficient choice for offices, and he took the opportunity to introduce modular floor covering to Corporate America. Modular floor covering (also called "carpet tiles" or "carpet squares"), created less waste since less carpet cutting was required for installation; worn areas could be selectively replaced, and an integrated backing made separate padding obsolete. Today, the majority of offices around the world are covered with modular floorcovering. In 1994, Ray Anderson became keenly aware of industrialism's destruction of the planet's resources and, consequently, of Interface's role in maintaining the delicate balance of environmental sustainability. As a result, Ray committed his company to the goal of Mission Zero: To eliminate any negative impact the Interface family of companies may have on the planet by the year 2020. For more information, visit

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