We are sole agents of Kronoswiss Brand in Pakistan. Our Regional Head, Mr. Rehman Nazir, is associated with Kronoswiss Laminate flooring sales in Pakistan since 2004. Kronoswiss is a brand name owned and operated by Kronospan AG Schweiz, a 50-year-old manufacturer of wood products. All Kronoswiss products are ‘made in Switzerland’. The manufacturing plant is located in a small town of Menznau, Switzerland, which is an hour’s drive away from the famous metropolitan city of Zurich. Besides being the only wood product brand in the world that carries a ‘Swiss Quality’ label, Kronoswiss is made from 100% Swiss forest wood. Raw materials are carefully selected to produce the finest products which consist of: Laminate Floors ( unique textures of wood ) Grand-Selection Range ( superior to any engineered wood floors ) MDF, HDF, chipboard - laminated and raw boards State of the art SwissCDF boards – Compact Density Fiber Lamination Offering the highest warranty of up to 35 years, Kronoswiss Laminate flooring remains the healthiest and eco-friendly Laminate flooring (also commonly known as Laminate Wood flooring) option in Pakistan with the lowest formaldehyde emission levels. For more information about Kronoswiss, please visit.

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